September 7, 2016

Amsterdam 2016

So we went on our yearly trip and this time to Amsterdam. Click on the link below to see photos, a lot of them :)

My bros eating pancakes

Jasper and Bas took us on a boat-trip, very appreciated. 

New profile pic Hannes?

Love biking I guess..

Waiting for our pancake

Flower Market

Dinner close to the redlight...

NOORD amsterdam... love it

Bas and Amore

Incredible boat-trip


Until late on the boat

Amazingly beautiful

Dinner time at an indonesian restaurant


Banksy exhibition



Here we are all together!

At the airport

Happy moments in the sun

Strike a pose haha

Andy Warhol :)

If you go to Amsterdam, rent a bike and go on a boat -  TWO MUSTS

A little bit of fiesta (ff)

NOORD (docklands)

Great guys

Where did I leave my bike? Note all the bikes in the upper left corner of the pic... :O

NOORD again


Great night 

Best pancake place ever...

My italian brother yo

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