May 5, 2016

Sick and small surgery

I hate being sick and I'm like double sick now. The sun is shining and I was supposed to study hard this week but I couldn't. Claudio's mum is still here visiting us and she is leaving tomorrow... I can't enjoy her last days!

I had fever and vomited twice during the commercial shoot for Sanex! God damn that was a hard day for me but I made it. That was 2 days ago but I'm still weak cause I couldn't eat much. Everything made me feel like puking again. I am very detailed now but wait, I'm not done!

A few weeks ago I decided to remove a small tumor of body fat on my head (lipoma). It's not a dangerous thing, it's very normal. I didn't have to remove but it was embarrassing and uncomfortable for me as I'm working as a model, especially for hairstylists. 

And just because that's my job I didn't want them to shave parts of my hair they had to close the wound with staples. 

I had local anaesthetic, and it took about 20 minutes. And another 20 minutes for me to become stabil again cause i almost passed out and felt dizzy afterwards. Nothing to worry about, its all in my mind. I tend to feel dizzy in hospitals and when I see to much blood. I can't barely look at my own scar, it makes me feel weak and I feel pain looking at it. 3 staples into my head!!!

Anyway, the result is gonna be great!! 

Sick at the commercial shooting

If you dare, I uploaded a picture that you can see here:

nasty hair i know but this is right after the surgery... 

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