April 16, 2016

Birthday number 27

Claudio and his mum singing 
Me at my fav restaurant flax and kale
The gang at antic theatre
Me and my love after an amazing lunch 
Aina, Frida n me
Funghi toast to die for 
Looks like a regular salad but god damn it was like the best I've ever eaten 
Black rice with codfish and parsley aioli
Love this one 

I had A relaxed but great birthday this year. We had a great dinner, champagne, amazing presents, candles, aperol sprits, (not so good) mexican food, friends and sunny weather with like 23degrees!!! 
I wish i would have taken more photos, it s always like that.. But now (I'm gonna install it now) when I have the iPhone 6s I won't let u down;)

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