March 9, 2016

Im a TV-star

Not really but it's was kindy wierd to se myself on TV a couple of days ago. I've seen the commercial several times already. Sorry but it's only on spanish TV. Haha ok that was my 0,15 seconds of fame!

I wasn't allowed to post anything from the filming until the commercial was official. So now I can tell you...

It looks like its summer but it was like 5 degrees and the last frame(or what do you call it?) was made in the night. I was soooooo cold but atleast I got to cuddle with a hedgehog! Poor him, he was soo scared but there were experts around to make sure he was ok, I mean thet were ok, we had 3 hedgehogs!

Check it out here:

Font Vella Levité, tremendamente “Ligesistible”
¡Lo hemos conseguido! Hemos encontrado la palabra que buscábamos para definir nuestro producto: “Ligesistible” (Ligero + Irresistible)!
Publicerat av Font Vella Levité den 29 februari 2016

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