January 15, 2016

Friday 15

This week started slow but ended on top, counting the weekdays only. I have a briefing tomorrow morning for an event next week and the rest of my weekend will consist of a brunch with my girls, a day with my man and some work at home. I have to finish a website asap so I can focus on my studies( starting next week). Next week is gonna be busy but I kinda like it;) when you work a lot you start to appreciate your spare time more.
Talking about jobs... I really think castings make me a happier person (at least the rest of the day). At first it sounds stupid, I know, but I believe it works for me. When you go to s casting you have to look good, be nice, act well and stay positive. So you prepare yourself before tha casting and you walk into the room self confident. You won't get the job of you look uncomfortable or act like an idiot. So what happens to me in there? I try to be the best me I could possibly be and I walk out of there feeling the best me, whether I made a terrible casting or not. 
You have to convince them that you are the best simply by being yourself (the best yourself.) so in the end you feel it too. Do you understand me?
Do you remember when you lied about being sick and then suddenly you actually start to get sick or at least for the moment? It's the same thing...
And I'm obligated to come with clean hair and a fresh make up and who doesn't feel good like that?! 

Many people think that castings are like the top model judge on TV and that they have to send someone home by saying negative things about the girls .. It's not like that! Usually people are friendly and professional. 
The models are used to go to so many castings and you can't really win them all do you have to get used to it and just keep fighting..

Ok this entry is getting long... Gotta sleep. Just wanted to tell you that I'm excited for this new period in my life and I can already smell the future;) 


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