October 22, 2015

New layout and new website soon

Hello everyone, what do you think about my new layout? Soon I will launch a new website, same URL as before (lisaveltman.com) but with more things integrated as model portfolio and webdesign portfolio. This blog will be a part of the website and will look like it looks now but it will be in a frame (so it will look like it´s inside my new webpage).
I want to have it all at the same place, including my Barcelona blog. I hope it will not get confusing but I think it's a good way to take advantage of the traffic I have on my blogs, to try to promote my carreer as a model and webdesigner.
Cause as it is now, I have a lot of traffic and im not using it, other companies pays a lot of advertisement to promote their websites, I don't promote it, I just have a SEO friendly site and a lot of relevant content on my Barcelona blog.
I hope you will like it and hopefully it wont take too long. I just need to feel 100% and come up with a nice logo...

Stay tuned and let me know what you think:)

Logotype brainstorm
Sneakpeak logo brainstorm

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