November 22, 2014

Hello I'm back with some good news

I know I haven't been updating much lately but it's a good sign. I have been working a lot lately. Audi, Denim fair, Hard Rock cafe, Smart, Pacha, Ghd are examples of companies I worked for.

Friday was my first day off since 3 weeks and the last 10 days where heavy. 12hours per day and the final 2 days even more... So, as I expected, I got a cold my first day off. But today, one day later, I'm already feeling better. Me and my man have been watching movies, eating pizza and bought tickets for X-mas. I'm coming home for X-mas! Unfortunately not together, he needs to work.

Oh btw, I'm gonna be on TV the 14th of December. Im gonna walk the runway LIVE! Oh shit I'm gonna die!!!! More details soon...

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