September 1, 2014

Back to basics

I fredags han jag gå ut en sväng innan jag fick ont i halsen. Eller jag hade redan ont i halsen om jag ska vara ärlig.
Idag åker Claudios mamma hem och jag hoppas jag mår bättre så jag komma tillbaka till vardagen imorgon! Söka jobb och grovstäda står på schemat:)

I went out for a while last friday night even though I felt sick. 
Claudios mum is leaving tonight and hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow so that I can get back to my everyday life, clean and start looking for a job. 

Dress from Mango outlet, 8euro. A shop a strongly recommend in Barcelona. Selfie at the club Ocaña.

We had dinner at la esquinica, an amaxzing tapas bar 20 minutes from the center by car. There is also a merto station close! Only spanish people:)

We had drinks at Juanita Lola, a bar close to Barceloneta. The terrace is open until 03 weekends and the drinks are betweet 5-8 each. I tried "blouillob" witch can be pronounced "blowjob" in spanish... Anyway, the drink was good. :) 

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