July 20, 2014

Lovely Saturday

I woke up, waited for my man to wake up and then we left for a coffee in the sun with Felipe. I needed a jump rope and my man needed beach rackets so we walked to the city with Felipe and his dog. We found what we looked for (even cheaper than expected) and walked back home. We bought watermelon and some food for our empty fridge on our way back. My man cleaned and I prepared a breakfast containing a smoothie and a sandwich. At that moment we realized that all our friends were already at the beach so we raced on our bikes to get there fast. Our friends were already fixing the volleyball court and sunbathing. The waves were huge and we had so much fun playing in the water. I think we were about 10-15 persons staying together. Some played volleyball, some played beach tennis, some swam or played with the freezbee. I did a little bit of everything, I even learned how to play volleyball. We enjoyed the watermelon in the sun and a friend was serving cold sangria. It started to get cloudy soon but we didnt leave the beach until 8pm. 6 of us left to mcdonalds buy the beach and then we all grabbed our bikes and went home. There was a riverdance concert a block from my house that sounded in the whole neighbourhood. I love that this city never sleeps. I went directly to take a shower when i stepped into our apartment, i was full of salt and sand.

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