July 16, 2014

8 home exercises

Hello my friends!

Finally I feel like I'm back to my everyday life. I had an amazing time when my family visited me and more visitors will arrive soon but until then I'm gonna try to get a better lifestyle. My house is dirty and my body is weak.
I'm gonna clean everything today, meet a friend and go on a bike ride and later to the beach to get tanned. Nice plan right? The only thing missing is some exersice. I know, biking is good but I was thinking about doing some training at home every day. Like a fixed schedule.
I'm signed up at a gym but I think I have to stop going there cause it's too expensive and honestly, I don't go very often. The only thing I will miss is the pool. Anyway, I'm gonna try to do this training at home for a while before making a decision.
I will keep you updated!

By the way, do you remember that I tried to eat better, that maybe all my problems had to do with IBS? I think it's working. I haven't been following the diet strictly but some small changes made me feel better. Less pain now.

I made this picture with some home exercises that I think suit me well

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