June 23, 2014

Sant Joan stupidity

Good morning!

I'm starting to feel better today. I have to take it easy but just got invited to 2 parties, it's a holiday tomorrrow here in Cataluna (spain?), kind of spanish midsummer. In the evening everyone goes to the beach and sits there until sunrise, if I got it right. They eat, drink and watch a set of firework displays. I can not do that tonight, I'm gonna get sick again!

The bad thing about this holidays is that people play with fireworks. For 2-3 days already, kids have been playing around on the streets with dangerous firecrackers. The sound is soooo annoying and their parents are just watching! ITS DANGEROUS STUPID PEOPLE!!!

I know that happens before new years eve in Sweden aswell but seriously, I saw a dad teaching his 3-years old son how to trow the fircrackers last night.

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