June 21, 2013


Hello my international friends!

Today we are celebrating midsummer here in Sweden. It's the longest day of the year and we celebrate the by dancing around a pole made of flowers. The pole is a symbol of a dick fucking earth. Oh yes, thats really how it is.
Nobody really cares why we celebrate but to celebrate it is important. People put flowers in their hair and drink a lot of alcohol with friends, a lot of friends and family.

Yesterday I read an article in the newspaper, that today will be the day with less people using internet of the whole year (in sweden). Cause everyone is busy organizing the perfect midsummer with barbecues, alcohol and friends. And busy celebrating it with too much alcohol and go crazy. It's like a hype, a lot of people seems to compete about who can get the most drunk or something.

I will not drink and loose control. Im gonna stay home with a few good friends and family and make a nice barbecue. Maybe i'll put some flowers in my head aswell.
To be continued...

The sun is up almost the whole night. This photo was taken last night at 4.00 AM.

This was yesterday in one of the liquor stores in Stockholm. I've never seen the store so empty. BE CAREFUL SWEDEN!!!

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